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The 2010 "It's a Breast Thing" Event

It's a Breast Thing 2010 was held on beautiful October evening at Perspective 2 in Old Town. Many thanks to Lynne Brown and her staff for providing this wonderful venue.

The Theme for this year's event was Myths vs Facts: Dr. Lakeeya Tucker of Alliance Obstetrics and Gynecology was the featured speaker and led the audience through the following questions:

  1. When should I get my first mammogram?
  2. What are the two biggest risk factors for breast cancer?
  3. Does taking hormones increase the risk of breast cancer?
  4. What are some ways of lowering the risk of breast cancer? What race is at the highest risk to develop breast cancer?
  5. What race is at the highest risk to die from breast cancer?
  6. How often should I do a breast exam? How important is it to do breast exams?
  7. Are men at risk for breast cancer?
  8. I have a lump in my breast that does not show up on mammogram. Can I assume the lump is OK?
  9. Are large breasted women at increased risk for breast cancer?
  10. Is pain in the breast a sign of a serious problem?

The audience came up with many questions of their own in this informal exchange of information. Attendees commented that the information presented was valuable and they were thankful to have it provided in this way.

Over 30 decorated bras were on display. This year's theme was Movie Titles and "Toy Story", "Avatar". "The Color Purple" and "101 Dalmatians" were just a few of the movies that inspired a bra.

Attendees were given 11 tickets at the door to vote for their favorite(s) and winning bras were featured in the 2011 It's a Breast Thing Calendar. This year all of the women featured in the calendar were breast cancer survivors.

The winning bras and their decorators were: 

"Beauty and the Beast" designed by Another Look Hair Institute 

"The Color Purple" designed by Good Shepherd Lutheran Quilt Ladies 

"The Devil Wears Prada" designed by Kellie's Consignments 

"101 Dalmatians" designed by Chicos 

"Pretty in Pink" designed by the Mole Hole (First Place)
"Cat Woman" designed by Ultimate Image & Esthetique 

"Pirates of the Caribbean" designed by Ingham Regional 
Medical Nutritional Department (3rd Place) 

"Slumdog Millionaire" designed by Bottoms Up 

"Avatar" designed by Eaton Rapids City Hall 

"101 Dalmatians" designed by Cutters Point East (2nd Place) 

"Tooth Fairy" designed by Dr. Robert Watts, DDS. 












 Other contestants were: 

"Gone with the Wind" designed by Wozena & Associates, CPA,PC 

"Charlies Angels" designed by MSU Breslin Cancer Center 

"Crazy Heart" designed by Ellen Story 

"Gone with the Wind Then" designed by Deb Arthur 

"Gone with the Wind Now" designed by Deb Arthur 

"Beaches" designed by Antoinette Maggio 

"Eat, Pray, Love" designed by Creative Wellness 

"Halloween" designed by Sharon Glasgow-Prince 

"Cleopatra" designed by Ingham Radiation Oncology 

"Ferngully" designed by Coffee and Friends Café 

"Grease" designed by Tanfaster South 

"Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" designed by B/A Florist 

"Money Pit" designed by Cummings Property Mngt.Inc. 

"Toy Story" designed by Sharon Glasgow-Prince 

"Wizard of Oz" designed Little by Little Childrens Store 

"Peter Cottontail" designed by Ingham Radiation Oncology 

"Superman" designed by Essential Bodywear 

During the evening attendees had the opportunity to browse the exhibits and gain valuable information about services available to women in our community. 

Exhibitors were: 

The American Cancer Society 
MSU Lymphedema Clinic 
Path of Pink 
Heather Spotts, LMSW,OSW-C 
Breast Center of Lansing 
Dr. Lee Colony 
Wright and Filippis 
Dr. Robert Watts 
Another Look Hair Institute 

And, of course, there were refreshments and door prizes. A special thanks to Barb Cleland, Foods for Living, Quiznos, B/A Florist, Gello Cakes and fabulous volunteers for making the evening a tremendous success!  


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