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Who is "It's a Breast Thing"

It's a Breast Thing Non Profit (IBT) is a 501c3 charity. We award grants in support of our local breast cancer patients, who are in treatment to be used for their out of pocket expenses. We host an annual event that is held in October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


History and Achievements of “It’s a Breast Thing”

2007 – The creation of It’s a Breast Thing began

2008 – First event.….Money awarded to Care Free Medical Clinic for mammograms for women who couldn’t  afford them.

2009 – Second event….Teamed with Ingham Medical Hospital and money awarded to Care Free Medical Clinic.

2010 – Third Event…..Incorporation-Non Profit. Outreach to Medical Community begins. Donations retained to build for future grant giving.

2011 – Fourth Event…….Money retained for grants for Breast Cancer patients. Spreading word to community about our mission.

2012 – Fifth Event……First grants to individuals awarded. $500 each

2013 – Sixth Event……Continued promoting and awarding grants.

2014 – Seventh Event………Grants awarded

2015 – Eighth Event……..Grants awarded.  Full board established.

2016 – Ninth Event……… First $10,000 donation.  100th grant awarded in October.

2017 – Tenth Event…….Event was a cocktail party in celebration of 10 years.

Outreach Committee was created and plans put in place to spread the word.

2018 – Eleventh Event……Grants awarded

2019 – Twelfth Event……..Grants awarded.  200th grant awarded in November.

2020 – It’s a Breast Thing Year of Giving………Grants increased to $1000.

 Spreading the word further into all 4 counties we serve.


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We are so excited to introduce you to our new IBT logo. Our goal continues to be fund raising and to give out grants locally. We will be getting updated materials out soon! 

Read more in our 2022 Spring Newsletter

Board Members

Malinda Barr - President

Sandra Bushard-Rizor - Vice President

Suzi Wyman - Executive Director

Barb McKessy - Executive Director

Carol Rapson - Medical Advisor

Joan Johnson - Chair of OUTREACH Committee

Colleen Horstmyer - Secretary

Susan McPhail -  Chair of Marketing Committee

Tammy Guastella - Chair of Event Committee

Brenda Gordon - Treasurer

Judy Tegreeny - Chair of Development


Board Agenda

Coming Soon...